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You have possibly noticed it before. One employee at the workplace gets sick & suddenly everyone catches the flu. This’s due to what’s known as ‘cross contamination.’ When germs transmit from one person to another, generally through equipment, surfaces, food, or interpersonal interaction, it creates various health risks in any outdoor atmosphere where people are working in close quarter.

When you take into account that the Average American spends about 90 percent of their time inside, cross-contamination can turn out to be a considerable cause of worry.

While it is essential to have a clean, eye-catching office ambiance, the real responsibility of expert cleaning service is to make sure that the safety and health of you & your coworkers remain intact.

Not just does cross-contamination prompt considerable health issues, but lower output because of illness transmitted at the office leads to huge revenue loss every year. Combined with the fact that more than 30 percent of buildings in America have terrible indoor air quality, which causes 50 percent of illnesses, makes the value of appointing a professional cleaning unit is more important than you might have realized.

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The best way to defeat cross-contamination and decrease the illness at the workplace is Eco-friendly cleaning practices. Professional cleaning decreases the amount of microorganism that employees come in contact daily. Items like phones, keyboards, and shared tools are the primary point of cross-contamination, and professional cleaning makes sure these items get cleaned first before anything else.

A trained commercial cleaner in Chicago is aware about the best practices concerned in assuring that hazardous microorganism becomes a thing of the past & can create a plan for eliminating cross-contamination in the office.

Furthermore, pro cleaning units have access to tools required to safely offer a comfortable, clean ambiance that does not put its dwellers in danger. Inappropriate utilization of chemicals can also create safety concerns & prompt damage to furniture, equipment, and personal property.

Cleaning tools used by professional are safer & more productive than the regular tools that you’re probably familiar with.

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For professional commercial cleaning service in Chicago that can keep your workplace healthy and productive, get in touch with the expert cleaners at ServiceMaster MB. Our commercial cleaning service in Chicago is committed to deliver complete, consistent, and eco-friendly cleaning at the best price possible. We have a cleaning plan to suit your budget and need. Feel free to get in touch with us for a free quote. We are available 24×7 on 773-583-4300.

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