4 Most Common Sources Of Residential Water Damage

Nearly 40 percent of all homeowners have experienced a loss from water damage. It can spread contamination, damage your pain, ruin your wood and cause severe damage to the structural integrity of your home. However, by knowing about the most common sources of residential water damage you can protect your home from any big loss. Here are the top sources of residential water damage:

Damaged pipes:

Plumbing fixtures, particularly in older homes, are vulnerable to stoppages & damage. To prevent plumbing issues prior to they commence, be on the lookout for stains, bulges, cracks and other indications of humidity on your floors or ceiling. If you find a leak, it may be an indication that there’s damage in other areas also. Check for pipes vulnerable to accumulating water, such as attics, cabinets and crawl spaces. Call a plumber right away if you notice any signs of water damage.

Clogged drains:

Bathroom & sink drains can become blocked quickly with hair, grease dirt and other materials. Structural damage is common when pipes break down. If left unattended, blocked drains can prompt damage to other places in your house. For instance, a clogged toilet can back up into your sink. Pouring boiling water down your drain once or twice a month can help melt away soap scum, grease and other trash material before it blocks your pipes and cause water damage.

HVAC units:

Heating, ventilation and a/c units inside your house can prompt floods. Ensure to have these units checked & cleaned regularly. If you have idea that there’s an approaching storm, close your central air conditioning unit to prevent damage & risk of electrocution.

Natural disasters:

Snowstorms, breaking dams and hurricanes can all bring excessive water into your house, causing it to flood. Large volumes of water cannot be soaked up by the land, and may overflow into your home. A flood alarm & warning system can aid you safeguard your house against a natural disaster. If you reside in a coastal region, ensure to buy additional flood insurance. Some people dwelling in flood-prone regions raise their homes on stilts to prepare for floods. Also you can grade your lawn away from the home. Ensure you understand where the water main is & shit it off when you leave your property for a prolonged period of time. By doing so, you’ll not come home to see any hideous surprises.

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