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Like other regions of the country, Chicago has to bear a number of storms in different seasons throughout a year. Whether it is a summer rainstorm or a heavy winter snowstorm, the outcome can be as bizarre as flooding of roads/basements and water damage, leaving tens of thousands of Chicagoans affected.

If a storm has passed recently causing water damage to your property in Chicago, it’s really necessary to restore it immediately with the help of a professional storm damage cleanup team working in the area. ServiceMaster MB specializes in storm damage clean-up services and can start with quick response time to help your home/apartment dry out and get back to its previous condition. Our efficient professionals are ready to handle the most serious storm damage restoration projects so you can move forward with your life.

Strom Damage


Why Choose Us When for Storm Damage Clean-up in Chicago, Illinois?

Restoring storm water damaged properties in Chicago is one of our specialties. We have advanced training and equipment to restore the water damaged property to the best. When you call us for storm damage restoration work, you are likely to get the following benefits:

  • Emergency support and service. Never should you wait for restoration work! Whenever you find substantial water damage caused to your property after the passing of a storm, call us fast. We will be there to support you and take action on an emergency basis. Our objective is to reduce the risk of secondary damage with efficient and effective water cleaning.
  • Dedication and Reputation. We are dedicated to making restoration possible no matter how severe is the water damage. Our professionals stick to water damage clean up till it is completed. Our dedication has earned us a great market reputation over all these years and we feel proud to serve our clients to the best standards.
  • Thorough training and professionalism. Our storm damage clean-up specialists undergo advanced training and know the right ways to restore your flooded or water damaged property in Chicago. We depend on the latest tools, technologies, tools and products to deliver first-class result — every time.

Give us a call at our locally operated base at the first sight of any kind of storm damage to your property. Our team will be available on call to help you live through this crisis.

Our Storm Damage Clean-up Service Offerings in Chicago

Based on the kind and amount of storm damage you face, ServiceMaster MB has different solutions to implement for the clean-up procedure:

  • Water damage cleaning: Water flooding happens one of the largest concerns in properties showing signs of storm damage. We use tried and tested methods for water damage clean-ups so that your property can be brought back to its earlier condition.
  • Fire damage cleaning: Sometimes, short-circuits may be caused by a storm leading to a small scale or large scale fire breakout. If fire damage is also involved in your storm damage project, we can assist.
  • Mold remediation: This procedure effectively resolves the problem of mold or mildew that has grown profusely after storm damage.

Of course, we have other recommended services for you. We’ll evaluate thoroughly the property condition and create as well as follow the right plan for storm damage clean-up in Chicago. Contact us at 773-583-4300 for an estimate today!

Things to Do After Storm Water Damage to Your Property in Chicago

Is your property left in a mess after passing of a storm or hurricane in the area? Has the storm caused more water damage to your property than your expectation? You may feel overwhelmed at your property condition and the same is experienced by many of our clients. After evaluating the condition, we would like you to do the following things:

  • Call and Consult with Us at ServiceMaster MB. Before evacuating anything or trying to drain out the flooded water, call one of our professionals with specialization in handling such situations. We will show you how to go move ahead with the restoration job and feel comfortable free from stress and the chaos.
  • Turn off safely the supply of electricity. You need to safely turn off the supply of electricity to the water damaged section, if possible. If the area is already water logged, make sure you stay safe and don’t touch any electrical connections in the wet foot or hand as there will be a risk of electrocution.
  • Capture images of the storm damaged part. Keep at a safe distance even while you attempt to take images of the storm damaged part.
  • Remove small water soaked items from your home. After turning off the electricity supply to the flooded area, you need to remove small items that are either floating or soaked in the water. Put a plan in use whether you want to dispose off, clean them or dry them out. It is necessary to note down the price of the item you decide to throw away. Thus, you can estimate the how much the cost you in damage or loss.
  • Discuss with your home or renter’s insurance provider. Insurance companies give you different options to receive your storm damage claims, so make a contact with the insurance service provider to confirm how to get yours. ServiceMaster MB team can also help you in this area as we have done the same for some of our clients.
  • Have patience to tackle the situation. It may take either days or weeks/months to finally restore your property after a major storm hits, causing flooding or water damage. The duration of cleaning and drying out the property can be short or long depending on the extent of damage has occurred. ServiceMaster MB assures to give you the right estimate so you can proceed with ease.

Should you keep away from Your Apartment or Home Until Storm Restoration is Over?

After significant damage has been caused to your property or a part of your property in Chicago by a storm, you may question whether you have to move out to a new place and let the restoration start at the earliest? Not necessarily because, situations vary and we prefer to recommend according to the following factors:

  • Would it be risky for your family if you continue to stay in the building? Are you or anyone in your family is allergic to dust, mold or mildew?
  • Was the basement or similarly small are of your property affected by the storm that could be sealed off for restoration work? Or the storm damage has occurred to a larger section of the property which can’t be closed off so easily?
  • Have your storm damage clean-up professionals found it better to keep away from the site during the process of restoration and cleaning? Don’t they like their cleaning work to be either interrupted or cause you discomfort in living?
  • Was the intensity of storm damage so high that it rendered the essential parts of your home useless, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry?
  • Is your water supply and electricity connection still on? If not, are you ready to wait till it is restored?

Whether you like or not to move in with a relative, a friend or live in a local hotel, we don’t pursue you. In a few cases, your carriers may pay for all or some of your temporary rearrangement cost especially if your storm damage claim is approved.

For any other concerns or queries you might have, contact ServiceMaster MB in Chicago at 773-583-4300 or click on here to talk to a specialized professional of our team.

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Frequently Asked Questions Flood Damage Restoration

What does flood damage restoration include at Service Master MB?

Flood damage restoration by Service Master MB encompasses water extraction, drying and dehumidification of affected areas, cleaning and sanitizing to prevent mold growth, and repair or restoration of damaged structures and contents.

How can I contact Service Master MB for flood damage restoration services?

For immediate assistance with flood damage, please call Service Master MB at +1-773-583-4300. Our team is available 24/7 to respond to your emergency and provide the necessary restoration services.

How quickly does Service Master MB respond to flood emergencies?

We understand the urgency of flood damage and strive to respond as quickly as possible. Our team can typically arrive on-site within a few hours of receiving your call, ready to start the water extraction and restoration process.

Is Service Master MB equipped to handle large-scale flood damage restoration?

Yes, Service Master MB is fully equipped to handle both small and large-scale flood incidents. We have the resources, technology, and trained personnel to manage extensive flood damage restoration projects efficiently.

Can Service Master MB help with mold prevention after a flood?

Absolutely. Preventing mold growth is a critical part of our flood damage restoration process. After extracting the water, we use advanced drying techniques and apply antimicrobial treatments to affected surfaces to inhibit mold and mildew development.


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