Don’t Make These 4 Common Area Rug Cleaning Mistakes

Area rug can make or break the look of your living room. While most people take great care to maintain the carpet floor, tile, hardwood, countertop, etc in their home, area rugs are usually ignored when it’s about routine upkeep. Therefore, hiring a service provider that offers professional area rug cleaning in Chicago is always going to be a wise choice.

Rug Cleaning

Listed below are the top 5 area rug cleaning mistakes and why it’s often wise to leave the deep cleaning to the professionals at ServiceMaster MB:

Using an injurious cleaner:

Before buying a stain remover always do your research first. You can also take advice from the manufacturer from which you purchased the rug. Be certain whatever you select doesn’t void the warranty available on your rug. Also, before using any product, be sure to test it on a very small area of the rug to make sure it does not harm the fabric.

Leasing and using defective cleaning tools:

Those carpet cleaning tools you can get in rent at a local hardware store aren’t necessarily all they’re cracked up to be. First of all, they could be layered with dirt and allergens from the last home in which they were employed – and are now being spread all through your house across your rugs. Furthermore, they simply don’t possess the cleaning power & suction as our professional Chicago area rug cleaners do. It’s vital that as much as water as probable is taken away from the rug after the cleaning work, and that a right cleaner is used relying on the kind of fibers making up your rug. Truly, the rental carpet cleaning tool can do more harm than good. So, just stay away from it!


Never have your rugs cleaned professionally:

We aren’t just saying it simply because it’s what we do every day to earn our bread and butter. Just as a routine visit to the dentist helps prolong the well being of your teeth, so does the deep cleaning of your area rugs. The mainstream of carpet manufacturers advocates carpets to be cleaned every 12-18 months, and sometimes falling short to do so can even void the warranty.


Using excessive elbow grease:

Yes, scrubbing too hard is a big No. While trying desperately to rub out that red wine stain, you are actually doing more damage to the fiber of your rug.

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