Few Essential Precautions to Avoid Dangerous Fire Accidents

One of the most disastrous accidents is when fire catches the home. Even after controlling the fire, the smoke causes various health hazards. Therefore, it becomes necessary to call upon a fire and smoke cleanup service immediately. We at ServiceMaster MB specialize in providing high-quality fire and smoke cleanup in Chicago that helps in restoring our client’s peace of mind. But as we all know prevention is always better than cure; hence, we can save our homes from the fire with some precautions. So we have enlisted the precautions that you need to take to avoid fire accidents at your residential as well as commercial properties. Do have a look at these.

Proper Installation of Smoke Detectors –

Although a smoke detector cannot prevent fires, it can alert you for any potential danger of fire. A properly installed and working smoke alarm can save your life, and if it gets triggered at the start of a fire, you can prevent a small spark of fire from becoming a huge disaster. Therefore, it is highly recommended to homeowners as well as the commercial property owners to get smoke detectors appropriately installed in every possible place where there is any potential of fire getting caught. The beeping smoke detectors might be annoying but is a lifesaving alarm! But remember it also makes a sound when the battery of the smoke detector goes down. So make sure to test the batteries of your smoke detectors once a month. And must be replaced every 10 years!

Appropriate Usage of Electrical Outlets –

Our homes and workplaces are full of electronic devices such as computers, televisions, lamps and more that work on electricity. Although the electronic devices do not cause any harm the electrical outlets where they are plugged in can be a potential fire hazard. Make sure to keep the damaged cords away or replace them immediately with new ones. Especially the cell phone and laptop chargers are prone to cracking when left with exposed wiring. Another issue that we usually overlook is an overloaded socket! Plugging in too many electronic devices to a single socket can cause fire accidents. So make sure to use the electrical outlets appropriately.

Check the Lighting System –

Fractured or poorly functioning light bulbs are another primary reason behind fire accidents; therefore, once noticed must be replaced immediately. But make sure you install new bulbs with proper wattage while replacing the broken or non-functioning light bulbs. In addition to that make sure no flammable object is hanging over or near any of your light fixtures and do not turn the light on for extended periods as the bulbs might get extremely hot and become dangerous.

With these precautions, you can save your home or commercial property from fire. But again, there are various other reasons that may cause fire accidents that are not under your control. And if you do not want to lose the peace of your mind because of such unavoidable situations, then the best way out is taking the assistance of professional and reliable fire and smoke restoration and cleanup service.

We at ServiceMaster MB provide custom tailored fire and smoke cleanup in Chicago that help our clients to get back their property and lives after a devastating fire accident! If you seek help of a reliable and professional fire and smoke damage cleanup service in Chicago then give us a call at (773) 583-4300 or write to us at info@servicemaster-mb.com