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ServiceMaster MB – Professional Mold Remediation Service In Chicago

Mold Remediation & Restoration Services

ServiceMaster MB provides professional mold remediation service in Chicago. Though mold is a hazardous problem, our experts are equipped with advanced tools to deal with mold quickly and efficiently. The hidden leak, broken pipes, flood or high indoor humidity ensure the formation of mold within 48 hours; especially whenever excess amount of moisture and poor circulation of air are in indoor. However, mold is considered as the major cause of allergies as well as pool indoor air quality. In a city like Chicago, ServiceMaster MB technicians are mold removal and mold remediation experts; who are available 24/7 to serve your needs.

What Makes ServiceMaster Best Mold Remediation Service Provider:

ServiceMaster MB has over 20 years of experience of handle each and every type of mold remediation tasks very well. No matter whether the job is big or small, our mold remediation experts offer personalized attention to every detail to make sure the work is done perfectly.

Our mold remediation service includes following procedures:

  • Testing and observation of the environment
  • Identification of issues and best possible causes
  • Sealing off the contaminated area ensuring your safety
  • Elimination of mold and suppression of spore spread

After the mold clean up, our technicians will provide necessary tips and help you keep a hygienic, mold-free environment for your family or employees.

If your residential or business property have a mold problem, contact ServiceMaster MB on 773-583-4300! We have the knowledge, equipment and product to get rid of this type of potential invader effectively and quickly. ServiceMaster MB has been helping business and families in removing mold for over 20 years. So, feel free to reach us online or an email and let us help you!