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Duct Cleaning Service in Chicago

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ServiceMaster MB specializes in offering Chicago HVAC and duct cleaning services for residential properties. Using innovative cleaning solutions and superior supplies, our professional duct cleaning service allows you to breathe in the cleanest quality air.

More often, cleaning the air at home isn’t always the main priority on your to-do list. You should count on our superior Chicago duct cleaning services and rest assured that you’ll get the clean, fresh air as possible for your family and friends.

HVAC Cleaning Service in Chicago

Do you maintain the heating and cooling systems at your home? If you don’t do it regularly, dust, pollen, and other harmful debris can build up and contaminate the quality of air at home. The moisture absorbed in your duct systems can become the haven for microbiological growth like the mold. As a result, it will let the mold spores enter and pollute the air quality. Hence, it’s highly suggested to book Chicago HVAC and duct cleaning services through ServiceMaster MB. Our professional cleaners will make sure the air ducts, diffusers, heating/ cooling coils, and fan motors are free from contaminants.

Duct Sanitizing Service in Chicago

ServiceMaster MB offers Chicago HVAC and duct cleaning services including duct sanitizing using a liquid chemical cleaning agent. We vaporize and spray the cleaning agent into the air flow of your AC system which spreads throughout the duct system. When it comes in touch with bacteria or microbial growth, it eliminates right away.

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